Friday, May 31, 2013

Scor-Pal and Paper Smooches Blog Hop!

Hello everyone!  I am super excited to be participating in this hop with Paper Smooches and the Scor-Pal Design Team!

Please stop by the Scor-Pal and Paper Smooches blogs for a chance to win!

Purse Gift Box

Tools: Scor-Pal scoring board in inches, Scor-Tool, Scor-tape, Scor-Mat cutting and work surface
Stamps: Retail Therapy (Paper Smooches)
Paper: Diane Assortment Paper Collection by S.E.I., Shrink film by Graphix
Ribbons / Trim: silver cord (ST2S) , pink mini cording (449-17) , and crocheted lace trim (433-38-01by May Arts
Ink: Jet Black StazOn by Tsukineko
Other: heat tool, punch by EK Success (scallop), pencil, ruler, hole punch, Velcro

I was inspired by the Retail Therapy (Paper Smooches) stamp set to create a unique gift box for the ladies in your lives.

Step 1:

Trim a 2" x 12" piece of cardstock for the base and sides of your purse box.

Score according to the template below.

Add Scor-tape to the 0.25" edge and snip at 4" and 8" marks to the 0.25" score so the sides with fold upward.

Step 2:

Trim two pieces of cardstock 4" x 3-7/8".

Create the front and back panels of your purse box according to the template below.  Make a small score mark at 1" and 3" to note where the top needs to slim.  Use a scissors or a paper trimmer to remove the top corners.

Create two identical pieces.

Step 3:

Adhere the front and back of the purse to the bottom of the box (prepared in step 1).

Adhere the sides to the front and back of the box.  Set aside as we prep the top the purse box.

Step 4:

Trim a piece of cardstock 2-1/2" x 3" in a different color paper than the box base.

Score and trim according to the template below, creating it similarly to how the front and back of the box was created.  Note that the top of the box will need to be slightly smaller than the 2" opening of the box for a better fit.

Add Scor-tape along the 0.25" scored edge and adhere to the top (inside edge) of the box.

Step 5:

Add decorative trim, a cord handle and a Velcro closure to the box to finish.

Step 6:

Stamp the image or sentiment on Shrink Film with the StazOn ink.  Punch out your shape.

IMPORTANT: Punch a hole in the top of your piece before you heat.

Step 7:

You can either follow directions on the package to shrink in your oven - OR - you can use your heat gun to shrink.

IMPORTANT: Please use a heat safe surface.  Your Scor-Mat cutting and work surface is not heat safe and will warp.

If you do use your heat gun, use a piercing tool to hold the piece in place.  I usually opt to insert the tool into the punched hole, so it will remain open while I heat.  Also, I keep an acrylic block near.  While the piece is still hot, I will use the block to flatten any stubborn or curled edge.

Use the little plastic tag as an embellishment to your newly created purse box.  It reminded me of the tags or key fobs you might see on high-end purses... and it's a lovely way to make the simple very special.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scor-Pal and May Arts Blog Hop

The Scor-Pal Design Team is hosting a blog hop and we'd love to have you join us along the route!  Today and tomorrow, Scor-Pal team members will be sharing projects with you, using lovely May Arts ribbons and trims.
The hop today includes:
Jen Shears
Abby Henderson
Jenifer Cowles
Diane Zechman
Karen Baker
Jennie Harper
Lalo IK
Katie Tate
Sandy Allnock
Lisa Silver <-- That's me!
Virginia Fynes

So, now that we have the business out of the way, I'd love to share a tutorial to create a unique gift box.  Spring affords us with many opportunities for gift giving like Mother's Day, bridal / baby showers and graduations.  I created a mini Hat Box that will make a lovely way deliver a special present this year.  You can also modify the colors and style to share a special birthday or Christmas gift too (so tuck this away for later!).

Tools: Scor-Pal scoring board in inches, Scor-Tool, Scor-Envi, Scor-tape
Ribbons / Trim: pink mini cording (449-17), crocheted lace trim (433-38-01) and pink ruched ruffle / sating edge ribbon (441-78-22) by May Arts
Ink: ColorBox Party Pink and Spearmint dye inks by Clearsnap
Paper: Pop-Tone Razzleberry 100#, Pop-Tone Pink Lemonade 100#, Pop-Tone Gumdrop Green 100# by
Other: mini rose and leaves dies by My Favorite Things, waterbrush by Niji, buttons by Papertrey Ink, compass, pencil, ruler, hole punch

Mini Hat Box

So, let's begin!

The first step is to start with two equal hexagons of cardstock.  You can opt to use dies or create your own using a compass and ruler.

To create your own with a compass, as I have done, please refer to this LINK for a demonstration.  It's easy and you can customize the size of your final box.  Create two -OR- make one, cut and trace for the second hexagon.

Score your hexagons using your Scor-Pal scoring board and Scor-Tool.  The first should be scored 0.25" from each edge and the other 0.38" from the edge.

Fold along all the score lines and snip to remove the corners.  Add Scor-tape alone the edges.

Cut a hole in the center of each of the hexagons.

Trim cardstock to the length required for your Hexagons.  The dimensions are as follows:

          Width = 2.5"
          Length = (the length of one side of the hexagon x 6) + 0.25"

          Width = 2.25"
          Length = (the length of one side of the hexagon x 6) + 0.25"

Take into consideration the "loss" at each score.  You may want to trim a longer piece of cardstock that is needed and score each of the box sides, one at a time.  Make a mark or number the first 2 sides so you can match your custom scores.

The added 0.25" will be used to close the side of the box and will have Scor-tape alone the edge.

Score the cardstock for the box sides using your Scor-Pal scoring board and Scor-Tool.

Remove the Scor-tape liner and adhere the box sides, one edge at a time until complete.

Now it is time to create a unique closure that will pull this project together.

Thread a button with May Arts cord and pull the cord ends through the bottom of the box - through the hole we punched earlier.  Secure this button to the bottom of the box with Scor-tape to keep in position.

Thread the cord through the top of the box and out of the hole on top.  Add a button.  Tie off the cord, leaving about 2.5 - 3" of excess so you can open the box.  Test the length before securing a knot.

REMEMBER: The top button must move freely in order for the box to open.

Complete your project with paper roses, ribbon and lace.

Don't forget to visit the next on our hop --> Virginia Fynes

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scor-Pal Mini Card Box Tutorial

Hello!  It's Lisa with a tutorial for a quick gift!  I was inspired by Paula Goff's original project on the Scor-Pal site and thought I'd try my hand at it too.

Tools: Scor-Pal scoring board in inches, Scor-Tool, Scor-Envi, Scor-tape
Stamps: Spoon Me by Gina K Designs
Ink: Black Soot Distress ink by Ranger
Paper: Solar White by Neenah, Silver Ore Metallic and Black Onyx Metallic by, lightweight paper for envelopes (used computer printing paper)
Patterned Paper: Sunny Side by Pebbles
Other: 1-3/8" circle punch by EK Success, precision scissors, Lick and Stick envelope glue
Copic Markers: R32, R35, Y32, Y35, YG17, B29, BV08, 0, N1, N3, N5, 100

Cardstock Dimensions:

Box Base:   8" x 5-1/2"
Box Top:   3-1/8" x 5-5/8"
Envelopes:  5-3/4" square paper

So, let's begin!

Following the template below, score your box base at the noted marks using your Scor-Pal scoring board and Scor-Tool.

Fold along all the score lines and snip along the small center scores.

Cut the center sections into points as shown and add Scor-tape to close the sides.

You can set this aside once you've embellished as you desire.

Score the cardstock for the box top as show in the template below using your Scor-Pal scoring board and Scor-Tool.

Cut along the small score marks (on the ends only) to be able to close the top.  You do not need to cut to a point as we did with the box base.  Add Scor-tape to close.

I created four small cards (3" x 3") to go in my mini box.  Of course, if you create cards, you'd love to also have mini envelopes to accompany them, right?

Using your Scor-Envi, score as directed on the tool for the 3" x 3" envelope.  This begins with a 5-3/4" square piece of paper with scores at 4-1/4" and 7-3/4" along both sides.

Snip and remove the corners.  Use Scor-tape to close your envelope.

Complete your project with patterned paper, stamped images and fun colors.  I just love the retro feel to the images!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scor-Pal Mini Brag Book Tutorial

Hello.  It's Lisa today with a mini book project.  I have a friend that is expecting their first child and I know would love to have a way to brag on her little man.



Tools: Scor-Pal scoring board in inches, Scor-tool and Scor-Tape
Stamps: You Move Me stamps and dies by My Favorite Things and Memorable "Hello" Decorative Stamps by My Mind's Eye (Hello My Name Is image)
Ink: ColorBox Licorice and Cherry dye inks, Sea Crystal Fluid Chalk ink by Clearsnap
Paper: Kraft 80#, Pop-Tone Red Hot, Midnight Black 80# and Solar White by
Patterned Paper: Seen & Noted by Pebbles
Other: sequins from Etsy, washi tape, Velcro by 3M, Precision scissors, wet adhesive - Mono Multi by Tombo, T3 Copic Marker
Dies: You Move Me dies by My Favorite Things

So, let's get started.

STEP 1: Trim two pieces of cardstock for your Brag Book Base from Straw 80# cardstock:

4.25" x 11" and 4.25" x 10.5"

Score both pieces as outlined below in the template, using your Scor-Pal and Scor-Tool.  Only one of the pieces will have a small 0.5" flap on the end.

STEP 2: Add a strip of Scor-Tape to the 0.5" flap of your book base.

STEP 3: Align the edges and adhere the two pieces together to create a continuous accordion fold book base.

STEP 4: Here's the fun part!  Use patterned paper, die cuts, stamped images and embellishments to personalize the book base.  Because this project is intended as a brag book, leave plenty of open spaces to add photos or journaling.

STEP 5: Cut a strip of coordinating cardstock (2" x 8.5") to be a band around the brag book as a closure.  Score as outlined in the template below.

STEP 6: Add Scor-Tape to the end inner portion of the band to be adhered to the last page of the book.

STEP 7: Adhere to the last page, keeping in mind placement along the front of the book.

Add a small piece of Velcro (or a magnet) to opposite flap for easy opening.  After all, it's a brag book and the recipient will want to open often to share their joy!

Alternatively, you can create a static closure by making a "belly band" that slides on and off the book.

TIP: When aligning Velcro or magnetic closures, secure both pieces (hook / loop or positive / negative pieces) and adhere on the moving part of the flap - the part that you lift to open. In this example, this is the flap that is open and on the left side of the image above. Remove the adhesive backing for the other side of the closure. Gently align and close to ensure it's proper placement.

A view of the open brag book from the front is below.  The closure will remain with the book, but will not be a hindrance to enjoying the finished project.

Here's a view from the side:

A view from the back of the book:

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