Monday, June 2, 2008

Paradise Found

I can tell I'm ready for a vacation... only a couple of weeks to go and I'll be lounging on a beach. I'm SO ready. I couldn't ask for better timing with this latest Kim Hughes set. I LOVE it!

Part of our tradition for our trip is to drive (14+ hours) to the Gulf Coast as a family. The whole crew caravans together... three cars of overly eager folks ready for the beach and sun. I always stock the car with snacks and treats for the kids - and of course, a new toy. The thrill for them is waking up in the car and exploring what I might have tucked into the pocket of the seat or in their book bags.

Luggage Tags

To adorn the kids bags, I made them custom luggage tags to mark their belongings... cause heaven knows their stuff has to be marked or they'll bicker. LOL! I made this one for Jack:
Hang Ten
And this is Rachel's:
Tropical Getaway

I still need to make one for my niece's bag, because I'm sure Alice will wonder why her bag isn't equally adorned... ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!
-Paradise Found (the Kim Hughes Collection) by Cornish Heritage Farms
-"This Belongs to:" from the Ledger Me set (the Rummage Bin) by Cornish Heritage Farms
-Grid Paper backgrounder by Cornish Heritage Farms (also on Jack's tag)

-Pitch Black, Red Pepper and Espresso Adirondack dye inks by Ranger (Rachel's tag)
-Pitch Black, Meadow and Latte Adirondack dye inks by Ranger (Jack's tag)

-Cryogen White from

Designer Paper:
-Reef Journey by 7 Gypsies (Rachel's tag)
-Capri Journey by 7 Gypsies (Jack's tag)

-Badge Holder and clip (Walmart)
-ribbons by May Arts
-Copic Markers
-Atyou Spica glitter pens


  1. These are great luggage tags and the kids could use them for book marks? sound like a wonderful family vacation, not a big fan of long drives though.

  2. Great tags -- I'm sure your kids will love 'em! tfs Enjoy your vacation. ;)

  3. Fantastic idea and gorgeous id tags, the kids will love them - who wouldn't?! Enjoy the beach!