Sunday, December 27, 2015

What have you been up to lately?

I just posted a holiday card yesterday, but I thought I'd catch up with any of my readers on what I've been doing lately... and would love to hear about you!

I took a break from stamping and creating.  Oh, I was creating, but only for loved ones.  It wasn't a bad thing to take a break.  I returned to reading blogs and digging around again in the crafting community and found that a great deal had changed in that time.  Companies that were producing stamps at a frantic pace were no longer around, new companies emerged and social media changed how projects were being shared.  Watercoloring is en vogue.  Crafters are sharing videos for everything they create.  We're a fickle lot... I know I'm easily influenced by trends.  I've foiled most of the house since I bought my Minc.  And LOVE it!

Beyond this, it's been the usual busy lifestyle.  My children are teens (one bound for college soon - eek!).  I have traveled a bit for work and have visited some interesting places.



Istanbul - Blue Mosque

Istanbul - Hagia Sophia

Istanbul - Suleymaniye Mosque

Madrid - Cathedral and Palace from Templo de Debod outlook

Madrid - Palacio Real de Madrid


Other than that, I've been lucky to have good health and a happy family.  What more could I ask for?

I'd love to hear what has been keeping you busy.


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