Friday, April 20, 2007

Framed Art

So, I've been wanting to post this for about a week, but had been working on some projects, requiring a deadline. I'm also in a couple swaps that I wanted to complete.

So... Now I can finally add this little tidbit. My husband and I finally repainted the family room - a lovely Close to Cocoa shade (LOL!). I have a fairly traditional style for decorating - burgundy leather furniture, dark wood for the entertainment center, and hard wood floors. With the new paint, I thought it would be good to move around the wall art we have and try to add to it.

My dad is a wonderful painter. He doesn't paint anymore (a previous hobby), so the two paintings of his that I have are REALLY important to me. I absolutely love them. My mom gave me a framed painting of his for Christmas a few years ago; a painting she found rolled up in the basement that she hadn't seen for years! Dad learned his craft while he lived in the Philippines - so this is an Asian influenced watercoloring on rice paper. The delicate nature of the paper lends to it's charm.

When moving my framed art around the house, I decided to move this to a more prominent location - in my family room, where I'll see it every day. I thought I'd also add to the grouping with a stamped piece of my own.

Here's a close up of this picture. I used a piece of the Scarlet Letter - Basic Grey paper. I stamped the Artfully Asian branch in Basic Brown on top of the Scarlet Letter paper and used a white gel pen to fill in the leaves. I highlighted some of the scrolls with a glitter gelly roll pen. The bottom of the picture is the branch from Artfully Asian (x3 - and closely trimmed) overlapping. I used some burgundy velvet ribbon and some hardware. I really loved how this finished.

I think it's a perfect fit with Dad's painting! The muted grey and brown tones are perfect with the Basic Grey paper.

Now... I just have to convince my Dad to pick up that brush again!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Wow, beautiful artwork! Lucky girl to have a painting by your dad. I am a little jealous of the Close to Cocoa walls. I have been trying to talk my husband into that color for a couple of years now!