Monday, May 7, 2007

Another Mother's day item

I work in an office with mostly women. These ladies are all unique, many of them mothers. One lady in particular has older boys, who are busy and often aren't home. Cheryl is wonderful. She asked me about a week ago if I'd make her something to put on her desk. Something in purple.

That's not a difficult request... when asked so simply...

I decided to make a simple card with purple flowers and a matching large clip bookmark as her gift. The clips are super easy to make with my Cuttlebug flower dies and super-jumbo-mega paperclips (LOL). But, I couldn't decide which card I liked better.

The first card is a simple flower - Direct to Stamp technique with the SU Heartfelt Thanks set. It's a 4 x 4 square card and only has the embellishment of a folded circle punch. I almost always stamp the outline off-center... intentionally. I hate a too perfect match, if that's a real thing. LOL!

The second card used the same flower outline from Heartfelt Thanks, but was colored in with colored pencils using the Gamsol technique. It's my first attempt at this coloring technique, but was a ton of fun. A positive first step, but I have a ton of practicing to do.

I'll have to pick a card to give Cheryl. Do you think she'll like the gift? I hope so!


  1. These are both lovely, Lisa but I like the second card best! ;)

  2. My favorite is the middle one.

    I have also enjoyed reading your post, and am now tagging you for a meme. See my post at for instructions. I can't wait to read about you!

  3. Just realized there were only two choices.. . I like the one that was stamped off center, but then I can be that way sometimes myself. Thanks for taking up the meme challenge.

  4. Both of these cards are fabulous! TFS