Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So, today I was tagged by a new online friend (Ponderosa Pinings) to list 7 things about myself that people might not know. I think the key here is to be interesting... but, well, I'm not sure that's possible with me. LOL!

Here goes...

1. I always loved school. I studied French for 8 years and did very well. In a recent visit to Paris, I found it all coming back to me... and did reasonably well. It was my first visit to Paris and incredibly memorable. It's a story in and of itself. I could go on for hours about the amazing after-hours tour of the Louvre...

2. I'm a chemist. Or was. I worked in an analytical lab for several years; first in radiochem production, then as an assay lab chemist. I loved it, but knew I wanted to learn more and decided to take a job in operations.

3. About that job in operations... I'm a project manager. I center my day on the best way to purchase, distribute and deliver chemicals. Fun, isn't it? The irony is that I have to be well organized, neat and on top of all activities. You should see my house!!! Or maybe not!

4. I have OCD tendencies. I knew I had a few as a child, but it got progressively worse when I worked in the lab. My carryover from those days center on my need to wash my hands all the time. When I found that gel stuff that kills germs, I thought it was the answer to my prayers. Now I just find I need to wash my hands to get rid of the gel stuff. I know... sick.

5. I'm big on family. I live within 5 minutes (either way) of my grandparents and parents. Ironically enough, this isn't the town I originally grew up in. We all moved to the same place. I love being close to everyone.

6. I am highly competitive. Just ask my best friend in college - Wes - as we worked hard to out do each other in Organic Chemistry. I will research and work tirelessly to better my best. I guess this touches on the OCD thing a bit. I'm my biggest competitor. In the realm of stamping, I want to be the best I can be and study other people's style and work to see how I can hone my skills. I read a lot of blogs for that reason.

7. I have a philosophy in life that if I'm going to do something, I will do it well or not at all. I don't play sports for that very reason. Hmmm... still seeing the OCD pattern?

8. I am loyal to a fault. (OK... so I only needed 7 things... but I obviously have to better my best).

Thanks for the tag. I'll have to think of 7 people that haven't been tagged yet and get back to everyone with that part of the challenge.


p.s. Do I have you snoozing yet?


  1. Did doing eight suggest a tendency toward overachievement? ;)

  2. This was great! Thanks for participating - - -I don't often link chemistry and crafting, but hey, we all have interesting talents. So good to hear about you.

  3. Overachievement? Of course!