Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I had the Kitchen Sink Playful Alphabet on my work desk and thought I'd try something different. I found my shrink film (which to be honest, took me longer than the project itself... my room is a mess).

I stamped the image with Black Stazon on the shrink film (this is a matte / opaque film, but you could use a clear). I punched each image out with a different shape punch... the heart was perfect for the designer label punch by Stampin Up, a circle for the "r" and the key tag punch for the "j". I added a hole at the top of each.

To shrink, I do it the easy way. I put my piercing tool in the hole on the top (you must do this before you shrink), and gently heat with my heat gun. I have an old acrylic block handy to flatten, in case an edge curls. And that's all it takes! No fussing with the oven.

The challenge for me was how to color the image. Since I used Stazon and still wanted the detail of the stamped image to shine through, I needed to use something that wouldn't smear or compete. Watercolor markers will wipe off without "sticking". Copics or Sharpies will smear the Stazon. And then the lightbulb moment... Pearl-ex and wax. You know you've got Future Floor wax and Pearl-ex in your stamping room. Admit it! I needed something that wasn't water soluble or alcohol based - so the Pearl-ex and wax is a perfect fit!

I painted the images with a bit of Pearl-ex and gently heated again to set. It's just that simple.

I think these charms will make a great addition to a card or as a gift itself. I have a friend that I know collects cell phone charms... so one is going to her right away.

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  1. I haven't tried that technique yet. Guess I am going to have to buy some floor wax next time I am at the store! :)

  2. Lisa ~ This is great! What a wonderful idea for embellishing and so many other uses. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I have never tried this Lisa buta fetr seeing what you have made I certainly would love to make one of these awesome pendants. Thank you for explaining how you made them.


  4. those are just totally cool! I don't have floor wax, must get floor wax LOL....huby will think I've cracked, we got stone tiles ;)