Friday, June 1, 2007

Multi-purpose Micron Pens

This tutorial is more of an addendum to Friday's post on achieving a bold colored image. The technique is something that used to be a favorite of mine in high school and college. I used to draw my own flowers and stipple the image with a micron pen. Stamping the image first is MUCH faster!!!

So, pull out that micron pen and try this type of fill.
Step 1: Stamp an outline image. I used the same Outlines Rubber Stamp flower as Friday's post.

Step 2: Fill in the area with dots using the micron pen. Keep the first pass on the lighter side, since you can always add more "layers" of ink.

Step 3: Using a higher "concentration" of dots, highlight certain areas to give the illusion of depth and dimension. And yes, this does take a degree of patience. I recommend trying this on a small image first.

Step 4: Finish the card.

A couple of the details on this card: I used my Fancy Pants "Pollen Dust" set for the swirls. I stamped it The Essential Glue Pad by Tsukineko, rather than ink. I added black Fun Flock to give it that velvety look. The jury's still out on this product. I made a HUGE mess. Since this was my first try, I'll chalk it up to being a newbie. It The LOvE sentiment was made with the Formal Karen Foster Snap Stamps (both small and mini sizes were used), which are sadly being discontinued (unless we all beg and get the company to keep them). I cut around the flower, bent the petals towards the card and adhered it to the card base with a dimensional.

Another good option, while you have the pen out, is a cross-hatch pattern, rather than dots. It's a bit faster, since it's a larger pen stroke and yields nearly the same result.

So... channel your inner Monet! Pointillism is back! Don't limit yourself to black ink only. Try the journaling tip on your color markers or pencils. Post here if you give it a try. I'd love to see your cards.




  1. HOLY C&$*!! That would have taken a lot of patience! But the outcome is spectacular

  2. Ditto the first person's comment! Your work is amazing. You should design your own stamps!

  3. Wow, Lisa! You are quite the talented artiste!!! ;)

  4. Wow! That's amazing, but looks like WAY too much work. I'll leave it to the experts like you!

  5. WOW!! This is just AMAZING!!! Fabulous tutorial!! thanks for sharing Lisa!

  6. Okay, that was INCREDIBLE!! Wow!!

  7. You have absolutely awesome artwork posted here.

  8. You have absolutely amazing work here....

  9. WOW...great tutorial!!