Friday, June 1, 2007

Vibrant colors

As promised, I'd like to run you through a quick tutorial on how to achieve really vibrant colors, using markers and colored pencils. I credit Asela Hopkins with this inspiration! She is such a true artist in all senses of the word, from her incredibly well designed cards, her coloring, or the stamps she's designed!

She did a recent tutorial on coloring with markers and colored pencils on colored cardstock. Asela's blog is Hop Art Studios... and if you haven't checked her out, run over there quick... and more specifically, Asela's tutorial can be found here.

This is a quick run-down of that tutorial, edited for white, smooth cardstock. I think this produces such a vibrant result. I know the popular way to use Prismacolor pencils has been with Gamsol (AKA odorless mineral spirits). This is my preferred method...

Step 1: Stamp an outline image. I've used Palette Hybrid in Noir with an Outlines Rubber Stamp. Isn't this an amazing flower outline? I really love it. I have all three sizes of the flower.

Step 2: Using markers, color the image carefully with a light ink. I used Pretty in Pink SU marker for the petals and So Saffron for the center.

Step 3: Highlight the colored image with matching Prismacolor pencils (I had to practice a bit to see what would match first). I used Rose to color over the image. I colored in darker on the folds to add dimension.

Step 4: Layer a second (maybe third) color of pencils to deepen the highlights. I used a red pencil in this case.

Step 5: With a blending stump, meld the colors for a smooth and seamless result. I keep a piece of sandpaper handy to "clean" the stump between colors or when it gets excessively dirty.

Step 6: Finish the card. I colored multiples of the flowers in different sizes to layer for added effect.

I'll have another quick tutorial tomorrow or Sunday to show another way to highlight an image.


Edited to add: The colors in the final card just weren't done justice from my camera.


  1. Wow, thanks for shairng this tenchique,what a beautiful card

  2. Wow! The result s gorgeous, Lisa! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!!!

  3. Beautiful job on that flower!!! Thanks for the tip!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! You did a beautiful job.

  5. This is sooooo beautiful.....thanks for sharing this technique.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  7. WOW. This is beautiful. Unreal. I gotta get me some pencils.

  8. I read Asela's explanation but your demonstration with pics really made it come to life. Thanks!

  9. Lisa, thanks for the tutorial on this coloring method. Great technique. Could you email me the name of the stamp(s) used for this card - they are gorgeous and very versatile. I've only recently started suing SU products (if that's what it is).
    Love them!
    Thank you
    Shogee at rocketmail dot com