Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm home!!

And tagged! AJ tagged me and asked that I list seven interesting (and random) things about myself:

1. My first car was a Yugo. Other than being small, it was a good car.

2. My poor little Yugo was crushed in a head-on collision - not my fault. I'm lucky enough to have walked away from it.

3. I wore braces for 4 years. I was a terrible patient and refused to wear the head-gear. It was just too dorky. Sporting a grill for 4 years did finally get me to wear the rubberbands.

4. If tennis shoes could be worn 24/7, I would be the person to try it. I don't like to wear dress shoes for work. And I don't consider those cheap rubber flip-flops as a real footwear option. Not in my house, anyway.

5. I had LASIK surgery about 1.5 years ago and loved the results! I'm now 20/15.

6. My favorite vacation was a cruise, my husband and I took about 6 years ago.

7. I'm certified by PADI for open-water scuba diving... and loved it! There is an amazing feeling of flying, while underwater. It's liberating and exhilarating. My Dad and I were partners. To this day, I can't read a compass.

I'll have to get back to everyone with players. It's getting tough to find anyone that hasn't been recently listing goodies about themselves.

Thanks, AJ! This was fun!


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  1. Glad your back!! Lasik rocks I hear, my dh had it done 9 years ago, and says his vision is better than 20/20 also!