Monday, July 23, 2007

Nominated Blog!!!

How cool is this???? I was tagged twice by very talented ladies as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

The first hit was from Donna B. Her blog, Serenity in Stamping, is a great site. I'm a frequent reader.

Then, LouiseG / Kard Krazy nominated me as well! If you haven't browsed through this blog, you must. Kard Krazy has amazing inspiration. The published list is absolutely stunning! I can only hope to be as successful!

So... I'm off to tag a few of my favorite blogs for their talented contributions to Blogging Excellence! I've listed five of my favorites:

Hop Art Studio

Inkfully Yours

The Willow Garden

Serving the King

Simple Dreams

I think a few of these talented ladies have already been tagged... so you know they're the top of their game!



p.s. I'll actually have a card to post soon. I had a few minutes to play with a small set of Copic markers I bought. I LOVE them!


  1. Lisa, you are beyond sweet to have tagged me. Big hugs.

  2. Thanks Lisa, You rock as well!! Thanks for the support, it sure it nice to have!! ;)