Sunday, September 16, 2007

Want to see something funny?

Yep... that's right... I think it's hilarious! I got my haircut on Saturday and my hairdresser (is that what they're still called?) straightened my hair!!!

It's SO funny to me. I look weird!

I've always had curly hair and never really been able to blow it out. I look like a brillo pad when I attempt it myself. I've gotten used to having curls and love my product.

Well... I swear to have a card post later today. In fact, CHF has a sneak peek for you this week just prior to a release this week. Stay tuned! There are wonderful things to come!

Thanks for humoring me,


  1. WOW, I remember when I was a kid, the in thing was to iron your hair to straighten it. There I would be bent over an ironing board, once I went outside it was all curls once again.

  2. ehhh, you can have my straights ANYtime girl :) they are SO straight, that when I wash my hair and go to bed with it wet I just MIGHT get a hint of fluff or movement in least for a few hours ;)
    I love your curls! but without your're right, I would be cracking up too, hehe.

  3. wowee!! I love it!! I know what you mean about going from curly to straight, but it looks great!!!

  4. Hey Lisa! Just thought I would say hi! I stop by daily and LOVE your blog! I think your hair looks great straight! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful cards with us!!

    AnnMarie :)

  5. I hear ya! I remember during the 80's I'd sit there with my blow dryer and a large round brush drying my hair straight. Just to step out in the rain for it to go curly again! I like your curls best. They are gorgeous!!!