Thursday, September 6, 2007


It's been an exciting stamping week for me. One of the most exciting aspects to being a part of CHF's team is the access to it's talented stampers. I have much to learn. These ladies are amazing. I'm still a bit in awe of the situation and the people.

In conjunction with this, Lisa Strahl, CHF's Design Team Coordinator, is posting articles on her blog that address many of the questions we all have about design and design concepts - the very questions we all ask of our work when we are not offered DT positions. I've been down the road of rejection several times and have tried not to take things personally. But, I'm human and it still hurts.

I am completely humbled by Lisa's article today about Designing Dreams. The title is the active link.

Not only do I apppreciate the analysis of what makes a project work... I value that Lisa took this approach with one of my submission cards. It's humbling and I'm honored.

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  1. I read her analysis it was wonderful, your card is beautiful, you are a talented lady and so enjoy reading your blog

  2. I agree with Flossie... Your card is terrific! :)