Thursday, August 30, 2007

Christmas Wishes

Another card project from our stamp get-together was a Christmas card. I love the Peaceful Wishes stamp set. It can be a more labor intensive type of image... I tend to want to use a marker and direct-to-stamp technique for the mistletoe, but that would take days if I'm making 100+ Christmas cards...

This was my alternative option. The card base is Bordering blue, with a matte of Real Red and White (that's been stamped with the Weathered background). The technique for the main image is emboss resist on Confetti white cardstock. I sponged Bordering blue over the embossed mistletoe, feathering the color to the edge.

Time saving tips for mass production:

1. Use white cardstock for a layer - in this case, I added color by using a
background. A large pack of white paper will stretch the holiday card budget.

2. Use ribbon scraps. This is a perfect way to stretch your ribbon to
MANY cards.

3. Minimize coloring - either use solid surface stamps, color washes or sponging,
rather than watercoloring.

Kicked-up cards have a time and a place. Just not for the 110 holiday cards I'll need to make. LOL!

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  1. Great card, on my gosh 110 cards, thanks for the mass production tips

  2. Oh, this is just beautiful! Love the main image! :)